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No Better Hope by LimeGreenBunny
No Better Hope
This is far from done, but I decided I need to just submit it and move on. It's been in the process for a couple years now...I'm such a perfectionist that I can't ever finish things to my satisfaction. But it gets to the point that posting something that I'm not done with feels better than continuing to try to make it perfect. 

So here's Fingon, at a pivotal scene in the book...if you've read the Silmarillion you will know what that is, if not I won't spoil it for you (too much). This picture was originally just meant as a character study where he was swinging a sword, but I found my skills in anatomy were lacking, so I changed it to him drawing his bow. Then I realized that it could easily become this scene.

I designed his outfit and gear to be appropriate for travel and stealth rather than for heavy fighting; he wears light armor and carries a dagger rather than a sword. As an added bonus this dagger is excellent for cutting off the hand of a family member, in a pinch. I wanted his bow to look powerful. He's not the kind of elf to run around with something flimsy. It's also worthwhile to note that, though I didn't include it in the picture, Fingon carried his harp on this journey, an indispensable item for sneaking into enemy territory. (Sorry guys I tend to make fun of things I love :D)

I thought some red scoria type rock would be an interesting look for Thangorodrim, though I'm not sure if it's accurate to the book (also there's no way scoria could make the kind of cliff that would be required to hang an elf high in the air by his wrist...but I'm choosing to ignore the dying screams of my inner geologist). I was considering putting the eagle in the background, but I couldn't figure out where to place it in the composition without it looking forced and gimmicky.

Please tell me what you think my friends!!! I welcome feedback on any aspect of my work. :iconbummiesplz:
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Supposedly dA is glitching and the journal portal at the bottom is displaying the most recent journal entry posted. So we'll see if this works. x) And just so I don't look stupid when it DOESN'T work, I will write a couple more things.  
I have abruptly gone from not having the inspiration to draw ANYTHING to suddenly wanting to draw EVERYTHING. I've been working on lots of Silmarillion stuff but it's been a little bit discouraging because I'm trying to transition to a slightly less cartoony style then I'm used to. Then I read Inheritance (fourth Eragon book) which rocked and I started drawing characters from that in a very cartoony style which was a breath of fresh air (always good to find out that yes, I can still draw at some level). And I've been watching Legend of Korra which rocks as well so of course I've been wanting to draw all the characters from that. :iconallthethingsplz: And then the other day I randomly got the urge to draw Dracula which I haven't done in years. In other words HOW CAN I POSSIBLY DRAW ALL THE THINGS I WANT TO BEFORE MY INSPIRATION EVAPORATES??? :iconsadallthethingsplz:

(Also if anyone sees this in the journal portal let me know if it worked! lol)
Edit: actually it looks like someone's journal got stuck there haha. Lucky for her, her journal is advertising an etsy sale)


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Why hello there. If you are a fellow nerd, then I welcome you. If you are not a fellow nerd, I still welcome you, because I believe in being nice to people, but your outlook on life in general might need some enlightening. The term "nerd' was originally meant to be derogatory. In reality, nerds are simply people who are passionate about something in life. You may be a nerd without realizing it. Those who lack passion seek to bring the rest of us down by telling us that our passion makes us "losers." But who are the ones who really lose, the ones with passion for life, or the ones who are too cool to let themselves enjoy anything?
END MEANINGLESS PHILOSOPHICAL RANT. You know I've had one too many Oreos when I go off like that. Just don't take anything I say too seriously and we can be friends. :)

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