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Why am I getting tons of llama badges all the sudden??? Like totally random people too...there seems to be no common denominator between them. Did I comment on something and people liked my comment? Is it my art? I haven't gotten any comments or faves recently so that doesn't make sense.

Seriously I'm so confused. :baffled:  Not complaining...just confused and trying to figure it out.


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Why hello there. If you are a fellow nerd, then I welcome you. If you are not a fellow nerd, I still welcome you, because I believe in being nice to people, but your outlook on life in general might need some enlightening. The term "nerd' was originally meant to be derogatory. In reality, nerds are simply people who are passionate about something in life. You may be a nerd without realizing it. Those who lack passion seek to bring the rest of us down by telling us that our passion makes us "losers." But who are the ones who really lose, the ones with passion for life, or the ones who are too cool to let themselves enjoy anything?
END MEANINGLESS PHILOSOPHICAL RANT. You know I've had one too many Oreos when I go off like that. Just don't take anything I say too seriously and we can be friends. :)


Rain - Beifong Week by LimeGreenBunny
Rain - Beifong Week
"Kuvira, come out of the rain. You might catch a cold."
It was the first time anyone had paid attention to her habit of sitting outside during a rainstorm, much less expressed concern about it.

Look who just wrote two lines of fanfiction! ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Baatar Jr. and Kuvira shortly after she was taken in by the Beifongs.

Also I drew a sort-of-actual background for this one (Kuvira is power).

For Beifong week over at :iconbeifong-fanclub:.
Joke - Beifong Week by LimeGreenBunny
Joke - Beifong Week
I'm not sure Wing and Wei are meant to fit the "mischevious twins" trope...but I can't imagine a set of twins NOT wanting to pretend to be each other on occasion. I was originally going to come up with my own dialog but then I was like, "Is there any reason for them NOT to be channeling Fred and George? ...No?"

For Beifong week over at :iconbeifong-fanclub:.
Flower - Beifong Week by LimeGreenBunny
Flower - Beifong Week
It's everyone's favorite metalbending artist! Apparently he does realism too. I never thought I would draw Huan (though I enjoy the character) but here he is!

For Beifong week over at :iconbeifong-fanclub:

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